The kidnapped road

The debate around whether or not to knock down the half built bridges on the main road which runs the length of Menorca, shouldn’t be about safety or legality as the alternatives on offer are both legal and safe, as the reports commissioned by local government confirm. That the report advises against demolishing the bridges is hardly surprising, taking into account that is was written by the same person who originally designed the use of the polemical bridges in the first place. One has to ask why interventions made on other parts of the road are considered to be perfectly safe yet, when it comes to arguments against demolishing the bridges, putting into place cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives, people are using the road safety ticket to justify their completion.

Some people may still remember that the original project which was commissioned, didn’t actually include any of the bridges at all, they were later added to the project for political reasons. The real debate here is about if planned changes on the road between Maó and Alaior are rational and proportional. Technicians have calculated that the flow of traffic will be 26 secs faster if the roundabouts are built below the road bridge rather than on the same level as the road. However, we have to balance those 26 seconds against the cost of impairing the beauty of the landscape and endangering archaeological settlements. If political regeneration is to be taken seriously then we should not be building memorials to oversized and over priced public works. Road safety here is not under question, everything else needs to be.

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Architects and GOB join together to propose criteria for rural land

The conversion of farm buildings for alternative use, making tourist accommodation available in the countryside or new buildings for agricultural use are both opportunities and dangers for Menorca. The College of Architects and GOB have had a series of meetings to try to analyse positive proposals and control potential undesirable effects. Continue reading Architects and GOB join together to propose criteria for rural land

Tomorrow, workshop on the care of vines at Es Viver

Xavier Solano, an expert viticulturist and wine producer, will give a practical workshop on the secrets of ecological cultivation of stocks grown in home gardens. It will take place this Saturday15 December at 10 am in the Es Viver nursery garden of GOB. It is a public workshop and admission is free, and starts the season for pruning and planting fruit trees that can also be found at Es Viver. Continue reading Tomorrow, workshop on the care of vines at Es Viver

Next Sunday learn about plants around Es Migjorn

Next Sunday, 18 November, we have organised an excursion, open to the public, to learn about plants from the Camí des Pou Vell. The walk will go around Es Migjorn, in an area of gardens, which has also, some ethnological interest. The so called Spring of the Winter is the time when many Menorcan plants and bushes fructify and the weeds carpet the countryside in green. Continue reading Next Sunday learn about plants around Es Migjorn

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