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Urban Agenda for Menorca: debate at the Ateneu

This evening, Thursday 3 March, will be the last of the round table discussions at the Ateneu concerned with projects applying for European Next Generation funding. Menorca has been designated as the pilot area for the Spanish Urban Agenda for the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. It is concerned with the development of sustainability goals in cities and communities. It can be followed by attending at the Ateneu of Maó or on its youtube channel , this Thursday at 8 pm. Continue reading Urban Agenda for Menorca: debate at the Ateneu

Friday 24 September: song for the climate

In relation to the international conference on climate change, Menorca has organised an event for people to participate in singing and in the reading of a manifesto. This will be on Friday 24 September at 19.00 in the patio area at the back of Sant Francesc in Mahon with the music of Bella Ciao, with lyrics adapted for the Island. Continue reading Friday 24 September: song for the climate

Energy and Water for New Buildings

Recently, there has been some controversy, reported in the Menorcan press, concerning requirements for energy efficiency and water consumption in new buildings. The issue began with a memo from the College of Architects and the discussion continued at a meeting of the Mayors with the Island Council however, the information released by the press seems to be more of a complaint than a solution to the proposals. Continue reading Energy and Water for New Buildings

Wind direction multiplies pollutants in Mahon

We have studied how the direction of the wind affects the measurements of the pollutants, and show that the winds from the north increase the concentrations of oxides of sulphur and nitrogen by 4 to 8 times. When the wind comes from the direction of the Central Electricity Power Station, these pollutants go as far as the town of Mahon. A change to the criterion of the production of electricity to that which prioritises the health of the public is urgently required. Continue reading Wind direction multiplies pollutants in Mahon

Today, regenerative agriculture debate

Understand the evolution of a conventional farmer turning to regenerative agriculture. Follow the reflections of an agricultural technician whose successful experiences result from understanding the principles of nutrient cycling for maintaining soil fertility – these are some of the keys to a book to be presented this Wednesday 2 December in the Ateneu de Maó. This is an event organised by GOB

Continue reading Today, regenerative agriculture debate

Menorca’s favourable response to the climate

A morning full of activity between the schools, of symbolic stoppages at institutions and businesses, preceded the protest concerning the climate celebrated on Friday 27 September. Already, the previous week had been filled with activities related to the problem of climate change. Workshops, projects, debates, theatre and news had taken place thanks to the selfless help of many people who wanted to add to the initiatives promoted by the Platform of Menorca for the Climate. Continue reading Menorca’s favourable response to the climate