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Excursion to a regenerative kitchen garden, Sunday 21 January

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On Sunday 21 January we will have the first excursion of 2024. It will be to the farm of Binissaida des Barrancons, which has a very old kitchen garden situated in a ravine in the municipality of Es Castell. This farm is part of the Land Stewardship Scheme.

Its main products are vegetables and eggs, produced by regenerative techniques and with organic certification. We will visit different parts of the farm and try its produce. Continue reading Excursion to a regenerative kitchen garden, Sunday 21 January

Sant Lluis weed killing

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A few days after the weed killing along the roadsides of urbanizations on the Sant Lluis coast, the effects of the product used are evident where dry and blackened grass has been left. It confirms that a herbicide product was used from Cap d’en Font to Binibèquer Nou .

GOB estimates that they have sprayed weed killer along some 7 kms of sidewalks adjacent to houses. The treatment has not gone as far as the eastern area from Cala Torret, where the contrast with the island greenery at this time of year that still exists can be seen. (See attached photos.) Continue reading Sant Lluis weed killing

Sale of kitchen garden seedlings at GOB’s Es Viver

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Es Viver, GOB, has a sale of summer seedlings. We are at the end of the season for planting summer vegetables. Es Viver has a sale of local organic kitchen garden plants: different sorts of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, melons, water melons, pumpkins…

Es Viver, GOB, is a project that aims to promote an environmentally friendly use of the land. It produces certified ecological plants that are native to the island for sustainable gardening: aromatic and kitchen plants, various varieties of indigenous kitchen garden seedlings, plants for cut flowers, soil and ecological fertilizer. It also designs and maintains sustainable gardens and green filtres that are purification systems of residual water using aquatic plants.

We are open from Monday to Saturday, 10.30 to 13.30. Es Viver is in Mahon on the airport road near the old Mestral. 650 350 172 and 971 350 762, esviver@gobmenorca.com.

Saturday, workshop on how to make compost at Es Viver

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This Saturday, 16 October at 10 am, we have organised a workshop on how to make compost in the garden at GOB’s Es Viver. To attend, please could you register here . Kitchen waste or the cuttings from the kitchen and house gardens rather than being wasted are a useful resource and good for improving the fertility of the earth if they are well composted using the right techniques. This Saturday there is an opportunity to learn how to do it.

Remember that the Es Viver garden centre of GOB is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 13.30. Now is a good time to seed the kitchen garden for the winter. You will find many ecological seedlings of local varieties and other plants.