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Become a volunteer

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The volunteer is a fundamental pilar of our organisation. Thanks to the work of volunteers we are able to have activities which would not be possible without them. The committment of the volunteers is a good opportunity to understand the reality of some of the current problems as well as for self-development and becoming part of the GOB team.

GOB regularly organises training courses especially for volunteers so that they gain knowledge to carry out tasks and together with all our volunteers have celebrations and meet each other.

To be a volunteer requires dedicating a little free time to help in just causes for society. To be a volunteer not only means learning but also having a good time.

With GOB there are many ways of working as a volunteer. The conditions depend on the type of work to be carried out and on your interests and your availability. Please contact us for further information.

These are some of the most usual areas in which you can participate:

  • The Wildlife Recuperation Centre (The Hospital for Wild Animals)
  • The Land Stewardship Scheme
  • Environmental Education
  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • Market stands
  • Production of equipment
  • Gardening
  • Translating
  • Technical advice

In addition you can participate in the Erasmus+ EVS programme.

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