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Keeping an eye on posidonia

Posidonia has been protected since 1992, but, even so, it has continued to suffer from various adverse impacts on it which have reduced its colonies. Now with the recent approval of the Balearic Government decree on its conservation, we have more tools with which to make effective protection. If we see boats anchored over posidonia we can phone 112 so that the mechanisms of surveillance and sanctions can be activated as stipulated by the new regulations. Continue reading Keeping an eye on posidonia

You are invited to the Environmental Question Time

Following the postponement of this event in June, we are delighted to announce that it has now been rearranged for Thursday 12 July.
This is a ROQUETA readers’ event, and we have invited leading island experts including representatives from GOB, the Menorcan Preservation Fund, the Biosphere Agency from the Consell Insular de Menorca and a private individual well versed in environmental matters to join us on a panel and take pre-prepared questions from readers on the local Menorcan environment and its sustainability. After each question, we will invite those attending to ask supplementary ones from the floor. Continue reading You are invited to the Environmental Question Time

The Marine Reserve of the North requires changes

(This article was issued on 15 December 2017 but was not translated into English at that time.)

The organisations, Menorquins pel Territori (Menorcans for their Territory) and GOB continue to coordinate their efforts on marine subjects. Now they have asked for some changes in the management of the marine reserve to the north of the island where, because of the deterioration of sea life, it became evident that a study was needed. Continue reading The Marine Reserve of the North requires changes