The ‘socarrell’ on the new GOB Menorca t-shirt

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With the arrival of warm weather, as every season, GOB Menorca launches a new t-shirt in the “la Menorca que estimam” (the Menorca we love) series. This year’s design features artwork by painter, sculptor, and engraver Maties Sansaloni (@sansalonicoll), depicting an artistic recreation of a socarrell (Launaea cervicornis).

This endemic plant often takes on a thick cushion-like form and adapts to the harsh conditions of arid and rocky soil, as well as the salty winds of the inhospitable northern Menorca coast. With its ability to adapt to adversity, the socarrell symbolizes the resilient attitude needed to face the major ecological challenges that the island must confront, such as tourism overpopulation, loss of natural habitats, pollution, and climate change, among others.

“Socarrell” was also the title of the GOB Menorca magazine, a publication that nearly reached a hundred issues and was edited until 2017 when digital formats took over.

Choosing this plant for this year’s t-shirt also pays homage to the late Cristòfol Mascaró, coordinator of GOB Menorca until the end of 2023, a biologist and esteemed botanist, passionate about Menorca and its biodiversity.

The t-shirts are sold at a price of €16 and can be found at the GOB Menorca office at Molí del Rei and at the Claustre del Carme store in Maó, or by sending an email to

This text is an adaptation from an automated translation of the original publication in Catalan on the GOB Menorca website.