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Excursion to a regenerative kitchen garden, Sunday 21 January

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On Sunday 21 January we will have the first excursion of 2024. It will be to the farm of Binissaida des Barrancons, which has a very old kitchen garden situated in a ravine in the municipality of Es Castell. This farm is part of the Land Stewardship Scheme.

Its main products are vegetables and eggs, produced by regenerative techniques and with organic certification. We will visit different parts of the farm and try its produce. Continue reading Excursion to a regenerative kitchen garden, Sunday 21 January

Christmas baskets of Land Stewardship Scheme products

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This Christmas you can give a special gift to friends, family or businesses with added value going far beyond our tables. On offer are our Christmas baskets filled with Land Stewardship Scheme products that are produced locally and sustainably. Cultivated in harmony with the environment, by local producers using sustainable agricultural practices and marketed at fair prices by farmers.

You can personalise the contents or chose from these three options: Continue reading Christmas baskets of Land Stewardship Scheme products

Excursion to Sant Joan de Binissaida on Saturday 16 December

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Our last excursion will take place at the end of this week. It will be to the farm, Sant Joan de Binissaida, in the Es Castell municipality. This farm is part of the Land Stewardship Scheme. It produces olives and olive oil with an ecology certification. It will be possible to learn about the production process, the management of the farm and to have a tasting of its products. Continue reading Excursion to Sant Joan de Binissaida on Saturday 16 December

Maria Tudurí Sintes, winner of the Pere Prats Prize for the Environment

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Maria Tudurí Sintes has been designated, unanimously by the jury, the winner of the 2023 Pere Prats Prize for the Environment.

The jury considered that Maria Tudurí has all the qualities that deserve the award of the 2023 Pere Prats Prize for the Environment, based on her career, for being a woman of initiative, and an entrepreneur with drive that has known how to develop in a traditionally male world. Continue reading Maria Tudurí Sintes, winner of the Pere Prats Prize for the Environment

S’Estany de Mongofra and the problem of microplastics

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GOB organised a clean up of the coast along s’Estany de Mongofra that took place on Sunday 23 July. The topography and the enclosed coves of this unique area make it particularly prone to the accumulation of waste brought in by the sea.

The fifty volunteers that came to help were distributed to various points already identified around s’Estany. In total, they collected 83 kilos of waste, mostly plastics. The presence of microplastics in the area, with muddy or pebble beaches, made them difficult to collect, so that they could only be collected manually picking up each one by one.

It was a day of intense heat so that the mid-morning snacks, with Land Stewardship Scheme farm products, above all the melons and watermelons, helped rehydration and to give strength to continue with the task.

At the end of the day, the different types of waste were separated. This time, the remains of broken plastics made up the main part of the waste, weighing 29 kg, followed by bulky plastic waste, 23 kg, and in third place were the ropes weighing 17 kg. What is surprising is the large number of stoppers that can be found, on this occasion 3.5 kilograms that took up a volume of 30 litres.

Since 2015, GOB has organised various clean up days at the same point and something interesting has been observed that, with the passing of time, the smallest plastics (microplastics, mesoplastics and others) have been replacing the larger objects that used to represent the most common waste. These small waste objects are nothing more than the result of plastic degradation, which, as we all know, is not biodegradable so that it breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces that end up in the trophic chain and become ingested by humans.

We are grateful to all the volunteers that took part on this day and we encourage everyone to take advantage of their beach days and collect the plastic waste they are sure to find in the sand.

This event was supported by the Island Governing Council and the Menorca Preservation Fund.

For photographs, please look here

Volunteering to clean up the coast at Mongofra

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GOB is organizing a clean-up day on Sunday 23 July at s’Estany de Mongofra, one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Owing to its northern situation and the topography of the coves, a great deal of rubbish coming in from the sea accumulates there. In 2018, a rubbish collection was organised and nearly 500 kilos of waste was collected, but, as we have seen the beaches are once again full of plastics, especially micro plastics.

The event is open to everyone, and we encourage you to invite your families and friends. It is suitable for adults and children.

On this occasion, two meeting points have been organised for sharing cars. At 8.15 in the parking area of the poliesportiu of Maó. For those who do not come from Maó, at 8.45 in the car park of the Tramuntana School (Ses Escoles, ctra Favàritx 24).

In the middle of the morning, there will be a break for a snack of products from the network of Land Stewardship Scheme farms, for all participants.

GOB will take all the necessary materials for the cleaning operation, but if you have your own gloves, then take them. It is important to be well equipped with closed shoes, sun hat, sun cream and bottles of water to cope with the heat. You will have to walk about 20 minute from the houses to the base point where we will organise groups and select the types of waste found.

If you wish to participate, please complete this form . Or telephone GOB (971 350 762), or go to the office any morning from 9.00 to 14.00 H, at Camí des Castell 53, Maó. It is important to state how many people you will be, your telephone number or email, and which meeting point you choose.

The volunteering day coincides with the general elections, but it is expected that the activity will end at 13.30.

We look forward to seeing you!

New support for the preservation of the Menorcan countryside

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The inhabitants of Menorca are known for the love they have of their land. Many people have acted, in one way or another, for one cause or another, with the final aim of preserving the island as it is.

Furthermore, the cohesive fabric of Menorca is both wide and active. Today we want to celebrate the alliance between two local NGOs whose aim is to create synergies for potential action that are profound and long lasting. This is about the new collaboration we have initiated between the Menorca Preservation Fund and GOB’s Land Stewardship Scheme. Continue reading New support for the preservation of the Menorcan countryside

This Sunday, Open Doors at the Centre for Recuperation of Wild Animals

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This Sunday, 4 June, from 10 am to 2 pm, the day of “Open Doors” is an opportunity to visit the Centre for the Recuperation of Wild Animals in Menorca. You will see the animals living there and learn about the work done to care for wild animals of Menorca. This day is made possible with the collaboration of Lithica and the Town Hall of Ciutadella, to celebrate World Environment Day as well as the Land Stewardship Week. Continue reading This Sunday, Open Doors at the Centre for Recuperation of Wild Animals

Catalogue of Land Stewardship Scheme Farms

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A catalogue of farms in the Land Stewardship Scheme is now available, in which you will find all the information necessary for each producer on the Scheme, the products for sale and the contacts required for making your purchase. Not all the farms that are part of the Land Stewardship Scheme are listed, only those that have products for direct sale. Continue reading Catalogue of Land Stewardship Scheme Farms

Vegetables and fruit with the best ecological footprint

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Fruit and vegetables produced on the Land Stewardship Farms have an ecological footprint of 66% less than the average of farms at state level. This fact is important because we all eat several times a day. Food is one of the principal activities taking up land at a global level. It is also a major emitter of greenhouse gases. Continue reading Vegetables and fruit with the best ecological footprint