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Come to the Agricultural Fair in Ferreries

This Saturday, 8 July, Es Viver, the GOB garden centre, will be at the Ferreries Agricultural Fair in the Plaza España from 17.00 hours. We are hoping to be able to take part in the activities organised by APAEMA where there will be the sale of ecological products which are instigating the change towards sustainability. Continue reading Come to the Agricultural Fair in Ferreries

Sale of seedlings from the Es Viver nursery garden

GOB`s nursery garden, Es Viver, is selling off summer plants this Friday and Saturday. We are now at the end of the season for planting appetizing summer vegetables. Es Viver is putting on sale all their existing ecological plants of various local varieties for the kitchen garden: stocks of different types of peppers, aubergines, pumpkins… Continue reading Sale of seedlings from the Es Viver nursery garden

Sunday 29 January, excursion to learn about plants

An excursion has been organised for Sunday 29 January to learn about the plants of Son Saura, near Ciutadella. Son Saura is a part of the south coast which is particularly interesting because of its variety of environments, from the sand dunes on the beach, the Bellavista wetlands, the rocky coast, the olive trees, the pines, the sea… It is an opportunity to learn how the Mediterranean plants of Menorca have adapted to its varied conditions. Continue reading Sunday 29 January, excursion to learn about plants

November synopsis

There have not been many postings this month, due to holidays. Here is a synopsis of some activities:

Premi Pere Prats awarded on 19 November

GOB elected, unanimously, Antoni Carreras, to receive the Pere Prats Prize for initiating projects which combine social employment and the environment. Working with Caritas and during the economic crisis he recognised the importance of recycling clothes and goods at Mestral. He promoted the Algendar Tree project, creating work by the conservation, for example, of its ethnological walls, irrigation channels and agricultural structures in this special farming area, and also by the reintroduction and sale of Menorcan fruit trees boosting commercial ecological cultivation. Continue reading November synopsis