Reissue of book on edible wild plants of Menorca

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The first edition of the book on Edible Wild Plants of Menorca, published by GOB, was sold out a few months ago. Following the printing of a new edition, it can now be found in bookshops.

This book is a guide showing 290 species of edible wild plants in Menorca, and explains which parts of the plants to use and how. It is illustrated with 300 photographs. It is in Catalan but the names of the popular plants are also given in Spanish and English as well as their scientific names. This new edition is in response to demand from people who have been on GOB excursions and courses on plants, as well as those who buy plants at Es Viver Plantes de Menorca, and other people who are interested in having the book. Currently there is an increasing interest in cooking wild plants, not only in the recovery of past uses but also for experimenting with them in avant garde gastronomy.

The book gives advice on making responsible use of the plants and how to collect them without affecting their populations.

GOB is grateful for the help given for producing this edition from the Ministry of the Environment, the Reserve of the Biosphere and the Consell Insular of Menorca.