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Come to the Agricultural Fair in Ferreries

This Saturday, 8 July, Es Viver, the GOB garden centre, will be at the Ferreries Agricultural Fair in the Plaza España from 17.00 hours. We are hoping to be able to take part in the activities organised by APAEMA where there will be the sale of ecological products which are instigating the change towards sustainability. Continue reading Come to the Agricultural Fair in Ferreries

Up to our Necks

Menorca has the luck to be able to foresee, to a large extent, its possible future taking into account what is happening to its neighbouring islands. Mallorca and Ibiza started the metamorphosis, and have suffered the consequences of an unlimited growth in tourism much more than has Menorca. With examples so close by it is not difficult to want to intervene where we possibly can and stop what could happen if we do not take steps. Continue reading Up to our Necks

Sewage and green filters

Time to treat sewage without mains drains

It is currently being discussed if a moratorium to stop the further construction of houses in areas without mains drains can be made by the Balearic Government. In GOB we think that the problem is not only with the building of new houses, but also with the hundreds that already exist causing nitrates to enter the Minorcan aquifer each day. Continue reading Sewage and green filters