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Alternatives to the contemporary mode of consumption”

It is impossible to come to a fair and sustainable society, both economically and environmentally, if we do not change the contemporary mode of consumption. This change is not only possible but essential despite the self-interested and continuous messages of powerful economic groups which often infiltrate governments even though they deny it. We have to change the way we exploit the Earth and its natural resources. In GOB we work together with other organizations in the Forum d’Entitats del Tercer Sector de Menorca (The Third Sector Forum of Associations of Menorca) to drive this change.

In GOB we impart ideas and try to promote experiences which show that it is possible to behave in a different way. We comment here on some situations with reference to energy, water, agriculture and tourism.

Solar panels: Make use of the sun.

P1020898We have organized a campaign to promote the installation of solar panels for heating water, which could represent a 30% reduction on energy consumed in the home. We have instigated agreements between a manufacturer, local installers and a bank which facilitates the financing.

Green Filters: Purify your waste water.

20121214_132304Green filters are a simple, effective and economical solution for the purification of waste water from isolated houses which would otherwise contribute to the contamination of Menorca’s aquifers. GOB has established contacts with a company experienced in systems of natural purification with aquatic plants in order to increase the number of installations on the island. GOB’s garden centre, Es Viver, grows the necessary plants and installs green filters in gardens.

Land Stewardship: Countryside which provides food.

DSC04333Agricultural exploitation in harmony with the land is the source of global riches. Good agricultural practices contribute to improved soil fertility, to the maintenance of biodiversity, to natural resources and to the making of good quality rural countryside. In GOB, we work jointly with the farms that have Land Stewardship agreements to gain not only the best economic profit and improved environment but also a good quality of life for the farmers. As a result it is supporting agriculture as an economic sector which generates products of high quality contributing to the local economy, the health of the public, to tourism and many other economic, cultural and environmental activities.

Courses for tourist guides for the Cami de Cavalls

Binimela_Alocs_Pacific_10Tourism in contact with nature and which looks for authentic experiences and emotions is increasing. In Menorca this has increased since the Cami de Cavalls has opened up to tourism, but it is an activity with two sides: on the one hand it is very good to have visitors to Menorca for its natural environment but, on the other hand, some bad practices can rapidly degrade the attraction which is being offered.

GOB organizes courses so that tourist guides are aware of the problems which affect the natural environment of Menorca and can explain our principles and good practices for conserving nature.

From our organization, we look for viable solutions to environmental problems. The public has the final responsibility for putting them into practice and for contributing to a social change for a way of life more sustainable and respectful towards our natural environment.

Conscientious Ecology