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Series of debates in February and March

Last Friday was the start of a new series of round table talks dedicated to innovatory projects in Menorca. They are organized by the Ateneu in Mahon and GOB with the collaboration of the Menorca Preservation Fund. They can be followed by video conferencing. The first one was on Friday dealing with the problem of rubbish and was titled “Collection and processing of domestic rubbish in Menorca”. Continue reading Series of debates in February and March

Plastic Free Menorca: Five groups unite in the battle against plastics

Menorca Sense Plàstic (Plastic Free Menorca) is an alliance between the Menorca Preservation Fund, the Institut Menorquí d’Estudis, GOB Menorca, the Associació Leader Illa de Menorca and Per la Mar Viva.

The project started this September and has a budget of 24,500 euros for the first year, although it is hoped that it will continue for the next few years. Continue reading Plastic Free Menorca: Five groups unite in the battle against plastics

Programme for adoption of Menorcan beaches

GOB has started a programme for adopting beaches that is aimed at groups of volunteers who want to help clean up the plastics affecting the sea and shoreline. The programme was started as a participatory social project in which volunteer groups commit to taking charge of a beach or a section of the coastline for a minimum number of times each year. Even though the activities are mainly focussed on the cleaning up and collecting of rubbish, they will also be given knowledge and methodologies for collecting scientific information and protocols for the notification of any occurrences that they might come across. Continue reading Programme for adoption of Menorcan beaches

We cannot free marine turtles

If we find a marine turtle tangled up, we must not free it. We need to let 112 know. The turtles need to be disentangled by a vet to avoid complications, which can be very serious. Even if we see that it is in a distressing position, we must not do anything with it, because that could make it worse. It is very gratifying to know that many people have been concerned about the turtles they have found in a bad state and tried to help them by releasing them but it is not the correct way of going about it. These turtles may not survive because of later complications if they have not been checked by a specialist. What has to be done is to contact 112 and follow their instructions. Continue reading We cannot free marine turtles