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1,163 wild animals were attended in 2023

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The Annual Report for the Centre for Recuperation of Wild Animals is now available.

As in each year, we continue with our efforts to give assistance to the highest number of injured animals, orphaned, in danger or unwell that enter our installation so that they can recover and be liberated into the wild. Last year, 2023, the number of wild animals receiving attention was a total of 1,163 from 82 different species.

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Summer camps for 2023 now available

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Summer is already here, the days are getting longer…and the GOB summer camps on the environment are coming. If you want to know more about life in Menorca and the nature that surrounds it…these summer camps are for you.

The Environmental Education area of GOB is continuing to prepare activities with the experience of previous years. For this year, we have three distinct events, depending on the age of the participants that will take place between the last week of June and the first half of July.

The team of monitors is prepared and keen to revive experiences but are excited, also, to carry out new activities and itineraries that we are designing for this summer.

Going out to live in nature is exciting and is something we never forget. The GOB Education project would like to share this experience with many children and young people of Menorca, conscious of the knowledge and awareness they will gain.

The activities that will be carried out are as follows:

  • Children’s camp: from 26 to 30 June. For children born between 2014 and 2016
  • Youth camp: from 3 to 8 July. For those born between 2010 and 2013
  • Itinerant camp: from 11 to 17 July. Young people born between 2008 and 2010

Registration will open for members on 27 March and for non-members from 11 April. Places are limited and once they are all taken, the registration period will end. For more information you can send an email to administracio@gobmenorca.com and you will be told everything you need to do.

This activity is organised by the Environmental Education area of GOB, and is helped by the Representative of the Reserve of the Biosphere of the Island Governing Council, the General Directorate of Waste and Environmental Education of the Balearic Government and the Town Councils of Maó and Es Mercadal.

Pupils from two schools will continue analysing the sand in Son Bou and Algaiarens

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For the third year running, two schools will analyse the sand from two beaches in Menorca to determine the presence of micro and mesoplastics.

Thanks to the support of the Sa Nostra Caixa de Balears Foundation and Bankia, through their call for Environmental and Sustainable Development, with the three sections of GOB in Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza, continuity has been given to the citizen science project that started in Menorca in 2021.

Microplastic Watchers is a citizens science marine project integrated with the Observadores del Mar platform, that collects data on the presence and quantity of micro and mesoplastics in the sand of the beach, in order to work on the diagnosis and make aware of this global problem. Taking advantage of the location, a series of activities are carried out focussed on showing the participants the natural values of the coastal ecosystems and the problems that are found with them.

This year, the Primary School, Margalida Florit, in Ciutadella will be in charge of analysing the sand at Algaiarens in la Vall, and the Primary School Verge del Carme of Maó will work on the beach of Son Bou, to the south of the Island.

From the start of the project in January 2021, samples of sand have been collected and analysed each month as we published in July 2022.

Looking at the collected data, interesting information can be drawn. For example, on the Son Bou beach, on the conservative side, the data indicates that there could be more than a million and a half plastics (micro and mesoplastics) and that on the Algaiarens beach we found an average of 171 fragments per square metre.

Therefore, the samples analysed on this course will help to give accurate information on the degree of contamination from plastics that our beaches suffer. At the same time, we hope the activity will help the pupils as well as their families to understand more about the coastal ecosystems and raise awareness on the huge problem of plastic waste in the marine environment.

Become part of GOB, 45 years later (video)

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Many people say they have always wanted to be a part of GOB, but they never find the right moment. Now is an ideal time . This is because we are celebrating 45 years of uninterrupted years of ecology, of an association that has not stopped growing and establishing itself socially. Continue reading Become part of GOB, 45 years later (video)

Workshop at the Recuperation Centre for Wildlife: Animal Colours

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There is a new workshop for all the family at the Recuperation Centre for Wildlife this Tuesday 12 July at 18.30

Think about the colours of animals: some tones are very flashy while others serve for concealment. What role does the appearance of animals play in their lives and survival? We can find out through games. Continue reading Workshop at the Recuperation Centre for Wildlife: Animal Colours

A new course on the environment for hikers

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GOB is organizing a course on the environment to learn how to look at and discover details on our walks. This is designed for people who enjoy contact with nature and is orientated to give a general view of the natural values of Menorca and get close to them while respecting the need to preserve them. We want to transmit good practices and knowledge on plants, animals, mushrooms, geology… Continue reading A new course on the environment for hikers