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Photography Competition: “La Menorca que estimam” The Menorca we love

We encourage everyone who enjoys photography to enter the competition organised by GOB Menorca with the intention of commemorating the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Menorcan section of the Balearic Islands GOB. With the motto La Menorca que Estimam (The Menorca we Love) the photographs will be considered by the judges for those that best transmit the conservation of Menorca’s natural values. Continue reading Photography Competition: “La Menorca que estimam” The Menorca we love

Sunday, open doors to the Wildlife Recuperation Centre

This Sunday, 5 June, will be an open day at the Centre of Recuperation for Wild Animals in Ciutadella. It is an opportunity to visit it on the Open Doors day between 10.00 and 14.00 hours. You will be able to see the animals that live there and to learn about the work that is done to look after the wild animals of Menorca. This open day is made possible with the help of Lithica and the Ciutadella Town Hall, to celebrate the World Day of the Environment. Continue reading Sunday, open doors to the Wildlife Recuperation Centre

Innovative Projects to be discussed at the Ateneu

Starting on Thursday 3 February is a new series of round table discussion organised by the Maó Ateneu and GOB with the help of the Menorca Preservation Fund. On Thursday we will focus on publicizing innovative projects that aim to raise European Next Generation funds for their execution. These are ideas that can become opportunities in the future for Menorca, opening new economic development lines that can be important both from a social and environmental point of view. The discussions can be attended in person at the Ateneu or can be followed through you tube Continue reading Innovative Projects to be discussed at the Ateneu

Annual General Meeting looking towards the future

With a rate of growth of more than one new member a week, GOB Menorca has reached a membership of 1449 this year. This social body guarantees us total independence when we are placed in front of the island’s environmental problems and present proposals for solving them. This is one of the conclusions of the Annual General Meeting that took place on 21 December and where Carlos Coll was unanimously elected as the Island President for another two years. Continue reading Annual General Meeting looking towards the future

Excursion to learn about plants at Binidonaire

The coast of Binidonaire is formed by the most ancient rocks of Menorca, interspersed with fossil dunes from more recent times. It is very exposed to the north winds. These are some of the characteristics that explain the diversity of plants that we find there, many of which are endemic. This Sunday, 24 October, we have organized a public excursion to learn about the flora.

It is necessary to register here. The meeting point at 9 am will be at the car park of the Mercadal Windmill. From there we will go in cars to the point from which we will start to walk. It is expected to finish at 13.30. The walk is of medium difficulty, mostly because there are some stony sections and steep slopes.

Saturday, workshop on how to make compost at Es Viver

This Saturday, 16 October at 10 am, we have organised a workshop on how to make compost in the garden at GOB’s Es Viver. To attend, please could you register here . Kitchen waste or the cuttings from the kitchen and house gardens rather than being wasted are a useful resource and good for improving the fertility of the earth if they are well composted using the right techniques. This Saturday there is an opportunity to learn how to do it.

Remember that the Es Viver garden centre of GOB is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 13.30. Now is a good time to seed the kitchen garden for the winter. You will find many ecological seedlings of local varieties and other plants.