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If you become a member:

  • You help to conserve the natural heritage. Places such as Trebalúger, S’Albufera des Grau, Macarella and so many others, have avoided development thanks to popular action to have it stopped.
  • You put theory into practice for working for a better world. Hundreds of wounded animals are cared for on a regular basis at the Centre for Recuperation of Wild Animals which GOB manages in Minorca.
  • You contribute to a more rational mode of development. The campaign for a road of realistic measurements for the requirements of Minorca was decisive for its final reconstruction.
  • You help to make real changes in the management of resources. Many square metres of gardens are transformed annually by planting autochthonous plants (indigenous to Menorca) which are cultivated in our nursery garden.
  • You participate in initiatives to reduce contamination. More and more houses without drainage are beginning to implement the use of our green filters for purifying domestic wastewater in a natural way.
  • You help in offering environmental education to schools and other groups as a result of which basic information on environmental challenges will be going to those people who will have to take charge of it in the near future.
  • You take part in the dissemination of environmental matters sent to thousands of people giving them information on which they can think about sustainability, its problems and its alternatives.
  • You have access to the numerous activities which we organise, in some cases at reduced prices for members, such as the training courses.

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