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Video: Understanding ‘Natural Gas’

Here you can see an interesting video by 360.org that explains so well why we do not agree with the implementation of Natural Gas in Menorca, apart from that, temporarily,  at the main power station in Mahon Harbour.

Gastivists: Stopping A Fossil Fuel Lock-In

We are building a movement of GAS-tivists who are organising to stop fossil gas.We have a choice to make : fossil fuels or a livable planet. It's now or never. Will you join us?Animation and Text by Kevin BucklandSound and Video Editing by Lucia ArminoMusic by Supergood www.supergood.orgSupported by Rosalux-Europa (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels office)

Gepostet von Gastivists am Mittwoch, 28. März 2018

Energy supply at a cross roads in Menorca

The loss of the electricity connection between Mallorca and Menorca due to the breakup of the cable found to be in bad condition, gives us a scenario worse than anything we have had until now. It means that the two islands could cause even more pollution from energy production than before so it is urgent that the public and institutions react and demand clean energy. Continue reading Energy supply at a cross roads in Menorca

Up to our Necks

Menorca has the luck to be able to foresee, to a large extent, its possible future taking into account what is happening to its neighbouring islands. Mallorca and Ibiza started the metamorphosis, and have suffered the consequences of an unlimited growth in tourism much more than has Menorca. With examples so close by it is not difficult to want to intervene where we possibly can and stop what could happen if we do not take steps. Continue reading Up to our Necks

The week of Rubbish and Recycling in Menorca, 15 – 21 May

These days, filled with various events, includes the Week of Rubbish and Recycling in Menorca from 15 to 21 May. The week will be made up of films to be shown in different localities, conferences for understanding the management of rubbish on the island and the experiences of recycling in other places, and also a day of collecting and taking away rubbish from roads and paths. Continue reading The week of Rubbish and Recycling in Menorca, 15 – 21 May