Our principles

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GOB promotes the defence of environmental values and the balance between human activities and nature conservation

Our principles are like a road map to which we always turn to start a new way or to reply to some question planted at the heart of the Group. They can tell us as much as is needed for questions to be analysed from many points of view, and always guaranteeing that we do not deviate from those objectives for which GOB was born. Here we have put together five paragraphs in order to convey our ideology.

1. Commitment. What motivates so many people to dedicate a large amount of time in their life for a cause such as ecological conservation? There is only one answer:  a commitment to the Earth with its limited resources and for social justice. This commitment is born out of sentiment for belonging to a world of which we are a piece, a key piece, yes, but only one of the many pieces of which it is made up. Our little world, Menorca, is a land where we can still wonder at some unspoilt countryside, at some clean waters into which we can dive and at a sky in which we can see the stars. The greed of some people making us fear that our descendents will not have these privileges is the spur which leads us to non-conformity and social criticism in our efforts to stamp it out.

2. Coherence. Throughout the life of GOB we have developed a line of work which coheres with the ethical principles which we defend and which we apply as much to the public as to the day to day activities of the association. We maintain faithful to those ideals, though without any illusions – in effective work, in the economic frugality which governs all its activities, and, of course, in everything which has allowed GOB to survive since before the arrival of democracy in our country.

3. Rigour. The independence of whatever group of power, be it political or economic, is something basic in order that issues may be tackled with rigour. All our opinions, complaints or proposals have a scientific or legal base and actions, therefore, though they may be criticised, are argued soundly. Whoever has the responsibility of representing the Group fulfills its work based on the environmental regulations of the islands, of autonomous, national and international regions. In their turn, the professionals who advise us, are not only disinterested but multidisciplined and tackle issues from very different points of view.

4. Social change. The final objective of our actions is to achieve a change in society which harmonises human activity with conservation principles and makes a reasonable and fair use of the natural resources within our area. To make critical citizens who can actively participate in public life is a basic achievement on which we put great importance through non-formal education as much for children as for adults.

5. Dialogue. Despite a work which is not always seen in its totality, GOB tries to discuss it with all groups and people who have something to say with respect to socio-environmental issues. To achieve positive results, we have, for many years, worked with organizations, parties or groups who contribute their efforts. To come to a consensus is not easy and we always bear in mind the principle of give and take. The work with institutions and administrations is continuous, and we persevere in trying to achieve the existence of a vision of conservation in everything which affects the lives of the public.

Conscientious Ecology