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Read the manifesto against the overcrowding of tourism in Menorca

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Last Saturday, the 8th, the Biosphere Square in Maó, where the headquarters of the Island Council is located, was filled with an outcry against the growing tourist overcrowding of the island.

It is highly recommended to read the demands that were raised in the manifesto, because they argue the reasons for the mobilization and go in step with the usual textbook criticism made about these acts.

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First walk “in-SOS-tenible” (unsustainable) against nautical overcrowding

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In Menorca there is a project to double the sea area for doubling the Addaia sport Marina. There is also a plan to build dry marinas, for boats, in Cala Molí, Cala en Busquets, and Ciutadella. It is also planned to fill up the Cala Figuera area in Maó with boats. Continue reading First walk “in-SOS-tenible” (unsustainable) against nautical overcrowding

Tourism Decree-Law (2): avoid greenwashing and urban hazards

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This is the second evaluation of the Decree-Law of last February on urgent measures for the sustainability and circularity of tourism in the Balearic Islands. The first evaluated the need and scope for a moratorium on new tourist places. Today we analyse the principal shortcomings and dangers found in the text that should be discussed like a Parliamentary law. Continue reading Tourism Decree-Law (2): avoid greenwashing and urban hazards

Sustainability and Tourism. Next Generation Projects debate at the Ateneo

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The fourth round table debate on projects that are hoping for European Next Generation funding will, this week, be on two sustainable tourism projects. They can be followed by attending at the Ateneu of Maó or on its youtube channel , this Thursday at 8 pm.

Tuto Saura will explain the Rebot project. Electric Llauts, and Àlex Billyra of Smart Demant. Intelligent Tourism. This will be followed by a debate between the attendees.

The great weight of tourism on our economy, with the corresponding social and environmental impact, forces us to reinvent ourselves constantly to be leaders in a tourist model based on sustainability.

This cycle of round table debates is organised by the Ateneu of Maó and GOB with the collaboration of Menorca Preservation. It aims to present and discuss projects that hope for European Next Generation funding. The last of these sessions will be on Thursday 3 March.