Complaint to UNESCO for attempted legalization in rural land

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The announcement made by the Balearic Government and the Island Governing Council (Consell Insular) to make illegal buildings on rural land legal, will be denounced by GOB to UNESCO. The entity believes that this directly contradicts the spirit of the Reserve of the Biosphere and its regulatory instruments.

GOB is preparing a dossier to be sent, in the next few days, to the UNESCO organizations that keep an eye on the correct management of the areas declared Reserves of the Biosphere.

The association considers that an urban speculation of the greatest proportions in a democracy is being prepared, such that the legalization signifies a large revaluation of the real estate markets. The activity represents an insult to the majority of the public that does things correctly.

For some years, there has been a method for regularising the nuclei of illegal housing in areas known as orchards, by drawing up a Special Plan and addressing, on the initiative of the property owners, the control of certain aspects such as sewerage, water supply and management of access. Some of the nuclei have followed this method and changed their situation.

However, many others have not wanted to conform because that represents a limit on buildings that cannot be more than 90 square meters. Now, the Partido Popular, from both the Balearic Island Government and the Island Governing Council, is announcing an amnesty for all those people who have raised large houses on rural land and preferred to keep the irregular situation, causing problems of contamination to aquifers and having a lack of any controls.

This represents an affront to all the people who have carried out the correct procedures, who have paid the corresponding taxes and who have contracted the relevant experts. It also signifies a way forward for new irregularities in building construction.

The connivance of the Island and regional institutions with this spurious operation forces the need to go to other official institutions to seek protection from this activity. Land planning for rural areas of Menorca and a requirement to observe a discipline in this field are fundamental issues in a Reserve of the Biosphere. For these reasons documentation is being finalized that will formally report this case to UNESCO.