Christmas baskets of Land Stewardship Scheme products

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This Christmas you can give a special gift to friends, family or businesses with added value going far beyond our tables. On offer are our Christmas baskets filled with Land Stewardship Scheme products that are produced locally and sustainably. Cultivated in harmony with the environment, by local producers using sustainable agricultural practices and marketed at fair prices by farmers.

You can personalise the contents or chose from these three options:

  • Gift (25 euros): Jam, sobrasada or carnixua, cheese, “arròs de la terra”
  • Family meal (35 euros): white wine, sobrasda or carnixua, cheese, jam
  • Fiesta (60 euros): white wine or vermouth, bottle of virgin extra olive oil: cheese, sobrasada or carnixua, “arròs de la terra”, jam, Menorcan salt.

You may want to add other items such as books relating to the island, children’s stories, t-shirts, non-plastic products.

For enquiries, you can contact promocio@gobmenorca, or 971 35 07 02. Or, you can go to the GOB offices at the Moli del Rei at 53 Camí des Castell, or to our stall in the Claustro Market in Maó.

The Land Stewardship Scheme has been consolidated in Menorca for more than 15 years. The model is based on the philosophy of land stewardship and the basic idea behind this programme is that everybody shares in the responsibility of dealing with the urgent and alarming global challenges. The solution, therefore, must be one that is shared. We can add our little grain of salt by consuming healthy products that are natural and produced locally.

Farming is a key element in land conservation. We value farmers’ roles as food producers and protectors of nature and biodiversity.