Works at Binixiquer have also affected the historic heritage

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One of GOB’s worries about works carried out on the estate near Binixiquer have also affected protected parts of the historic site. Inspection by the Island services have confirmed this.

In the past few days, much has been talked about of the motocross track of 13,000 square metres that has been constructed by a private individual on rustic land. They have also added 20,000 square metres of green lawn, eliminated dry stonewalls, constructed new areas of large buildings all with the potential to alter the historical heritage.

In view of these possibilities, GOB sent written documents with photographs to the Consortium for Urban Planning Discipline as well as to the Heritage Service. There is no news from the Consortium, yet, but the Heritage Service has been to make an inspection and has confirmed that they have found different
activities that have affected the historical heritage, which will be incorporated into the corresponding file.

There are no further details of the inspection. However, the  Heritage Law provides sanctions against those who affect the listed heritage, who can be aggravated with compensation demands to be paid to the public treasury if the damage caused is irreversible, as well as falling into the category of crime according to the Penal Code.