Tirant: Beach kiosk without licence

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An old building near Tirant Beach, that should have been an information point for the creation of a large urbanisation, is having work done to make it into a beach kiosk. But, the works are being done without a licence.

From urbanization to a protected area

Urbanisations were planned on each side of Tirant Beach. The eastern area, (known as the Playas de Fornells) was built but the area to the west could have been left.

In this western area there was going to be another large urban growth with over 4,500 plots. The place was to be declared a Centre of National Tourist Interest, but finally it came to nothing.

The economic pressures and politics of the developers became significant because the Law of Natural Spaces of 1991, made on the inventories of natural values, left a large and suspicious mark on an unprotected area.

Years later, in 1999, the Territorial Planning Guidelines of the Balearics gave the option to revive the planned urban growth, but the newly elected City Council prevented it. This merited the Ullastre Prize that GOB gave in those days.

The municipal planning and the Territorial Plan of 2003 put an end to any transformation aims. Now the area is rustic land of special protection.

An area saved but with scars

Tirant has a large dune system that has suffered from extractions over a long time, until a judicial complaint was made by GOB and it was stopped. Behind is the valuable wetland of El Prat de Lluriac.

The road to access the urbanization crossed this wetland precisely and is now the way to the beach that everyone uses. To the west, an apartment block some chalets as well as some other roads planned for the urbanization process were built.

In addition, some buildings were built at the entrance destined to be the promotion and sales offices for the plots of land in the urbanization. This is about the buildings that became out of order or completely inadequate.

One of the buildings was having work done on it last summer and GOB communicated this fact to the Consortium of Urban discipline in rustic land.

With a poster but no licence

The Consortium sent inspectors who have verified that a series of activities has taken place without a licence consisting of renovation works to make a bar-cafeteria.

Consequently, the corresponding urban planning discipline procedure has been initiated.

We will have to keep an eye on how this case evolves.