An enormous lawned garden, a motorcross circuit and new buildings on rustic (rural) land

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The unconventional behaviour of people with economic resources but no environmental principles is at risk. An important transformation on rustic ground has been reported by GOB to the Consortium of Urban Discipline (Consorci de disciplina urbanística) and to the Island Heritage Service (Servei insular de Patrimoni).

At a farm to the south of Mahon, construction has been observed of a tract of land of some 13,000 square meters and being made into a racing track for motorbike scramblers; the construction of new buildings; the creation of some 20,000 square meters of a lawned garden; and the destruction of hundreds of meters of dry stone walling, as well as possible damage to heritage elements.

To the drastic transformation of the land is added the huge expense of water to maintain a garden of such dimensions. It is estimated that the lawn requires between 6 and 8 litres per day per square metre. That would be 140 tonnes per day equivalent to about the use of 800 people living in a traditional nucleus.

GOB has sent a documented letter to each of the bodies mentioned above to check the legality of this type of activity.

The association regrets that transformations of this style are being made by people who supposedly have fallen in love with Menorca but then create impacts on the island that degrade its environmental values.

Approximately 13.000 m2 destined to a motorcross racing track.

Lawn garden (approximately 20.000 m2) and the construction of new buildings.