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Sale of seedlings from the Es Viver nursery garden

GOB`s nursery garden, Es Viver, is selling off summer plants this Friday and Saturday. We are now at the end of the season for planting appetizing summer vegetables. Es Viver is putting on sale all their existing ecological plants of various local varieties for the kitchen garden: stocks of different types of peppers, aubergines, pumpkins… Continue reading Sale of seedlings from the Es Viver nursery garden

Sewage and green filters

Time to treat sewage without mains drains

It is currently being discussed if a moratorium to stop the further construction of houses in areas without mains drains can be made by the Balearic Government. In GOB we think that the problem is not only with the building of new houses, but also with the hundreds that already exist causing nitrates to enter the Minorcan aquifer each day. Continue reading Sewage and green filters