Sale of ecological plants at Es Viver

Sale of seedlings from Es Viver

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Es Viver, GOB’s garden centre, has a sale of summer seedlings and plants, this Friday and Saturday. We are at the end of the season for summer vegetable planting. Es Viver is selling its various existing ecological plants: different stocks of kitchen garden plants, peppers, aubergines, water melons, courgettes…

Es Viver is a project which tries to make the most of the land with respect to the environment. Its products are certified ecological and autochthonous (indigenous) for sustainable gardening, aromatic plants and those for culinary use, seedlings for the vegetable garden and flowering plants for porches, compost and ecological fertiliser. Also sustainable gardens are designed and maintained, and green filters can be installed which are systems of purification of grey (household) water using aquatic plants for watering the garden.

We are open Friday and Saturday mornings from 10.00 to 13.30 hours. Es Viver is on the airport road adjoining Mestral.