Positive Tourism (6) – Overcrowding of beaches

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Today’s announcement of our special tourism campaign shows an unspoilt beach as it becomes just like this in the summer. It is so full that the people settle down on the area reserved for dune protection.

Tourist promotions of the beaches usually show them without people, or just three or four who are privileged to enjoy this fabulous space. Were it for another sector then there would have been official complaints for misleading advertising.

The reality is that we find summer tourism is quite different. During the tourist season, there are unspoilt beaches carrying six or seven times their maximum capacity.

A paradigm example is Macarelleta. This is a natural paradise, around which there have been many different advertisements showing an idyllic life. It then suffers from an avalanche of visitors who end up not respecting the beach nor the protected areas.

The promotion of Menorca in the Summer, made with public money, is one of the mistakes that persists on the island, as each year increasing numbers of people holiday here. More and more air and sea connections are advertised for the tourist season. Urgent decisions must be made in this regard.

Considering coastal conservation, it is essential to make car park sizes correctly relating to the real capacity of the beaches. Likewise, a great influx of people can be regulated if they are able to go only by public transport. That people end up on the dunes benefits neither the beach nor the tourist image of Menorca.

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