Catalogue of Land Stewardship Scheme Farms

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A catalogue of farms in the Land Stewardship Scheme is now available, in which you will find all the information necessary for each producer on the Scheme, the products for sale and the contacts required for making your purchase. Not all the farms that are part of the Land Stewardship Scheme are listed, only those that have products for direct sale.

GOB´s programme of Land Stewardship builds relationships of mutual help between the people who manage the farms professionally and who are committed to environmental conservation.

Knowing and buying directly from the people who produce our food is a simple act but very effective. It helps to build a local network of production and consumption that not only makes a more robust local economy but the people who work on the farms receive a fair price for their products.

The farmers who agree to this programme are reducing their environmental footprint, helping to recover biodiversity, making products of quality and they help to maintain the valuable mosaic landscape of Menorca.

In order to facilitate direct sales and contact between the public and farmers that work with the Land Stewardship Scheme, you can download the catalogue

here and know the producers and their available products and where to find them by direct sales from their farms, from markets, from shops or by home deliveries.

You will also find information on farming as a key piece of land conservation, the health, nature and proximity values behind these products, as well as the results of studies on the reduced environmental footprint of beef, fruit and vegetables from these farms compared with the national average.

Make a point of buying ecological products from Land Stewardship farms. This is an active form of conservation in Menorca.

The catalogue has been made possible with thanks to the help of the Island Leader Association of Menorca.