Son Bou. First phase covered. Thank you

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Within ten days of asking for help, it was possible to cover the costs of the first phase of the dispute over the Son Bou Hotels. Thank you to all the many people who have contributed.

The legal proceedings that have been started to prevent the Son Bou hotels from having significant structural growth, have costs that are structured into two phases. Seven thousand euros initially for contracting lawyers, and solicitors and the presentation of the complaint. The second phase will be for the hiring of technical and judicial experts. The litigation has already been presented.

Many people have taken part in this popular fundraising giving what they can and achieving a good result.

What is being presented is the re-organization of the plot to increase its square meters using land along the side of the hotels. The construction had not complied either with the minimum size established by the licence or by the Alaior General Plan in the first place. These circumstances place the hotels in an illegal position and stop the enlargement that is being attempted. Another problem is that, when the official map is checked, it is found that part of the area on which they wish to build is, in reality, a protected green zone.

The project the developers have now presented to the Alaior Town Council plans to reshape the hotels by cutting off a corner at the top of one tower, by keeping the height of 12 floors, keeping the number of tourist places (more than 1,000) and building more floors to the screen between the towers and on each side of them. In summary, they would eliminate 430 square meters between floors 9 and 12 (in one of the towers) and add 6000 square meters to the 7 first floors (raising a new building).

In GOBs opinion this will degrade the image of Son Bou even more, it will maintain the overcrowding of tourists and it will not mean any real advantage for Menorca.

In addition, if the hotels are proved to be illegal then any intervention on the buildings should be adapted to the urban current planning permissions for a ground floor and two more floors.

Anyone wishing to give help for the second phase of the dispute may contribute

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For “concepto” put Son Bou.

Thank you.