Legal proceedings for the Son Bou hotels. Help and Redress.

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GOB is starting the process of litigation against the contentious administration for its intention to make even worse the aesthetic impact of the two large hotels in Son Bou. The Alaior Town Council approved a collection of plots in green areas as if they were building land.

It does not seem logical, in these times, that large hotels built in the seventies, can maintain the same square metres and enlarge the volume of its buildings on the front line of the sea. This way is not seasonal. It causes overcrowding and degrades the image of the Island.

The legal costs are estimated to be about 14,000 euros. Can you help to make this viable by giving a donation in the following ways:

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In “concepto” put Son Bou

In 2017, Melià International presented a “modernization” project for the Milanos Pingüinos Hotels of Son Bou that have twelve floor levels. This is about buildings that have already caused the worst impact of any constructions on the Menorcan coastline.

Analysing the new project, GOB was able to verify that the idea was to increase the implied screening effect by these buildings to the beach. (See the attached illustration.) They intend to renovate some of the sides of the buildings, but maintain the current height of the towers and add five floors to lateral constructions.

Talks with the company to redirect the initiative to make an intervention more in line with modern times were fruitless. So, the old file of the hotels constructed in the seventies was consulted.

From this consultation, it was found that the conditions of the licence for the size of the plots were never met. This meant that the building is illegal and it is not possible to modernise it unless it is adapted to current urbanisation conditions, which are for a ground and two more floors.

As a response, the developers put forward another initiative, consisting of separating and regrouping the nearby plots in order to make available an extension of land sufficient to comply with Alaior’s General Plan.

When GOB wanted to see the newly provided documentation, the Alaior Town Council refused. They would only agree once the licence for the regrouping of the plots had been granted.

When the documentation was consulted, finally, it was found that green areas had been regarded as building land. The size of the resulting plot was taken for granted although the square metres did not comply with those required for the General Plan.

GOB sent an official letter to the Island Governing Council asking for a review of the licence. Using green areas for building is classified as a very grave misdemeanour under the Urban Planning Law.

However, some months have passed and the Island Council has not replied. Now it is understood that an administrative silence prevails and only litigation remains.

The entity of GOB has agreed to go ahead with the litigation. This is because of the impact of the final project, because of obstacles put in the way of transparency in public documents, because they are using green areas for building and because it is given as accepted a plot of land that does not reach the minimum required by municipal planning.

If you would like to help combat this type of urban planning, you can do so by the following ways:

  • Bank transfer: ES35 2056 0012 2710 0140 3920
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In “concepto” put Son Bou.

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