The provision for 490 chalets, in distress

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The projection of 490 villas on the Sant Lluis coast has had an official complaint made by GOB as a result of finding many important deficiencies in the forward planning.

The official plans for plots in Binisafuller and Cap d’en Font, with a projection of nearly five hundred villas, of which nearly half are already built, implies a projected population of 1,470 inhabitants, that must be supplied with drinking water and must have the management of sewage.

The water supply is insufficient and is not drinking water

The Sant Lluis municipality shows large differences in water consumption per inhabitant, depending on whether they live on the coast or in a town. The traditional nucleus of inhabitants averages about 175 litres per person per day, but those on the coast average about 500 litres per person per day with some areas going over 1000 litres.

The estimate for the necessary water made for the projected population, shows that the wells expected to provide the water (in Binisafuller and Cap d’en Font) do not have sufficient capacity.

This error is made much worse and more important when the water quality of these wells is examined. The Cap d’en Font well shows a chloride level of 563 mg/litre, when the state regulations require that drinking water must not go above 250 mg/litre. Water that mixes with a second well in Biniparratx north, is above 440mg/litre.

That means that there is insufficient water available nor with a quality considered suitable for drinking water.

It is not known where the sewage goes

Neither technical nor environmental documentation clarifies where the sewage will end up for a settlement similar to the population of Migjorn Gran.

One option would be to connect to the Binidali water treatment plant that is not operating because there is no overflow constructed for the sewage water.

Another option would be to use the treatment plant in Biniancolla, but for that, it is necessary to enlarge the facility beforehand nor does it have an overflow for the sewage which, currently, is infiltrating the coastal subsoil.

There is no provision for recovering the cost

The March European Directive for water has required for some time that investments made in water related provisions must be passed on to the consumers.

In the official complaint presented on the 490 villas, GOB warns that it is necessary to forecast the cost that the construction companies will have to bear, in the following aspects such as:

  • The corresponding proportional part for starting the use of the purification plant in Binidali, including the construction of an overflow for the depurified water towards the sea, or
  • The enlargement of the purification plant in Biniancolla, which also includes the construction of a an overflow for depurified water towards the sea
  • The provision of pumping systems for taking the sewage from the sectors to one of the two purification plants
  • The construction for the entire collection of plots expected to be occupied by houses for a road system from each of them
  • The search and drilling for other water catchments that correspond with the quantity and quality of water required by current legislation
  • Where appropriate the proportion of the investments made for the reuse of treated water
  • Where appropriate, the proportion of the investments made for the injection of regenerated water into the aquifer.