600,000 euros for not stopping illegal works

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Failure to pay attention to orders for stopping unlicensed works can be very costly. Some urbanising activities on rustic land in Mahón have cost 614,000 euros in fines and a potential crime for disobedience for having twice breached the orders given by the inspectors.

In January last year, GOB notified the Consortium for urban discipline about some works in rustic land, and raising a building separate from houses. The inspection confirmed that there was no licence available and an order was given to halt the work and process the project with the Town Council.

However, the developers decided to continue and had a second inspection that sealed off the works. Even so, they decided to break the seal and continued with the works. A third inspection put a brake on this behaviour.

It so happens that this property belongs to a real estate company that includes architectural services, as well as urban and land planning services. This increases the aggravation, due to the greater degree of knowledge of applicable regulations on the part of the promoters.

Although the works have finally been given a municipal licence, the fact of having breached the suspensions does not prevent the legal requirement of paying the fines.

Furthermore, the Consortium has reported the case to the Mahón Magistrates Court for the alleged crime of disobedience.

GOB trusts that cases like this will serve to increase respect for territorial land planning by those intending to violate it.