Maria Tudurí Sintes, winner of the Pere Prats Prize for the Environment

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Maria Tudurí Sintes has been designated, unanimously by the jury, the winner of the 2023 Pere Prats Prize for the Environment.

The jury considered that Maria Tudurí has all the qualities that deserve the award of the 2023 Pere Prats Prize for the Environment, based on her career, for being a woman of initiative, and an entrepreneur with drive that has known how to develop in a traditionally male world.

The jury wants to record and make visible her work as a hero of the countryside. In addition, she is an example for demonstrating that it is possible to manage the countryside intelligently and effectively to make it viable.

Also for exemplifying an activity that respects the environmental values of the Island.

Finally, for being an example of a person involved and dedicated to her work with a spirit of sacrifice and values that are rare or in danger of extinction.

The jury was formed by Carlos Coll, president of GOB Menorca; Mª Paz de Andrés Florit, a member chosen by lottery; Llorenç Pons González, businessman linked to ecological farming; Laura Piris, professor specializing in contemporary history; and David Baret, communications professional.

The prize will be awarded publicly on Saturday 18 November at 19.00 hours, at the GOB Offices at the Molí del Rei in Maó, to which we invite everyone who wants to take the opportunity to pay a well-deserved tribute to Maria Tudurí.