Positive Tourism (5) – Aggressive sailing

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Today’s announcement for this assumed tourist campaign is directed at aggressive sailing.

Menorca suffers from a heavy saturation of boats in the summer and the situation is aggravated by the behaviour shown by the users.

The reckoning of existing boats done by aerial photography of vessels outside the port gives evidence that we had already exceeded the officially defined nautical load a long time ago. The more boats that do not fit in, the more people anchor illegally on the posidonia.

This overcrowding of the sea is also accompanied by the arrival of users that do not understand the idiosyncrasies of this island and so conflict arises. Here we emphasise some of the problems:

  • Noisy and aggressive jet skis near bathing areas.
  • Boats that invade the space intended for the safety of people swimming in the coves and from beaches.
  • Motor boats that go around the island in a day at full speed making waves, noise and contamination.
  • Users without a card nor knowledge of the sea who generate dangerous situations.

For these reasons, this announcement points out aggressive nautical navigation with a red circle asking for users to enjoy calmness.

In nautical terms, GOB is working so that no more infrastructures are enabled intended to increase the number of boats (for example, the project in Addaia to double the marina) but requests that priority for moorings is given to traditional type boats. GOB also proposes a speed limit for boats in waters inland.

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