Agreement with Menorca Preservation Fund

An agreement for the sea

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Adverse impacts made on the marine environment mean that changes are necessary. Recently, an agreement has been made between the Menorca Preservation Fund and GOB to start some ways to try to tackle many challenging problems.

Illegal fishing; the management of boats; the conservation of the marine meadows; environmental education for children; increasing adult awareness; reducing plastic rubbish from the fiestas; are some of the activities to be confronted and which will be announced gradually.

Sunseeker International is supporting the Blue Marine Foundation and the Preservation of Menorca organisation to carry out a programme designed for Menorca, with the object of influencing its marine conservation. The agreement made with GOB will put into practice some of the issues identified as immediately necessary.

Menorca is considered to be one of the major areas of conservation in the Mediterranean. In its surrounding waters there are hundreds of species and it is also a strategic stopping place for some migrating animals. But the close coexistence with human beings means that there needs to be some redirection of the dynamics. It is hoped that the improvements desired will be achieved by our combined efforts.