Grafting workshop

Grafting workshop, this Saturday 19 March

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Learn how to graft onto fruit trees at a workshop this Saturday 19 March at GOB´s Es Viver. The reproduction of the fruit needs this technique to maintain the characteristics of each variety, thanks to the surprising capacity of plants to accept grafting from different species.

The workshop will be given by Tomeu Truyol from the project “Arbres d’Algendar” from Caritas (Trees of Algendar). Trees of Algendar have regenerated many classes of ancient fruits of Menorca which are now produced commercially. From this method it is possible to have a large range of apples, pears, plums, etc., each one with gastronomically good characteristics and with different periods of fruiting.

The workshop is for the public and free and there is no need to make a reservation. It will take place at GOB´s Es Viver, Plants of Menorca, which is on the airport road near Mestral. It starts at 10 am and it is hoped to finish at 11.30.