Agroecological fair in Ferreries

Come to the Agricultural Fair in Ferreries

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This Saturday, 8 July, Es Viver, the GOB garden centre, will be at the Ferreries Agricultural Fair in the Plaza España from 17.00 hours. We are hoping to be able to take part in the activities organised by APAEMA where there will be the sale of ecological products which are instigating the change towards sustainability.

Es Viver will have a display of its products thinking of ways of making an ecological garden that is easy to maintain and is low in water consumption. It will exhibit its aromatic herbs, culinary and flowering shrubs, and it will explain the green filter systems based on aquatic plants.

The fair is organised by APAEMA, the Association of Ecological Producers of Menorca. We think that this type of show is very interesting because one can see in one space a series of other initiatives, enterprises, and projects which are working in Menorca towards sustainability, combining ecological and economic concerns. There will be talks, theatre, a glossat, music and some ecologically produced barbecue.

We would like to remind you that Es Viver is open to the public every Friday and Saturday from 10 until 13.30. It is in Mahon on the airport road just near Mestral. You can contact us on 971350762, 650350172 or