Costas should stop mud baths

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GOB has asked Costas (the Balearic Government Ministry for the Coast and Shore) to act to end mud baths on the beaches of Menorca. A good number of bathers ignore the signs and the phenomenon is repeated each summer. Measures should be enforced to avoid irreversible degradation of the sections of the beach caused because of this antisocial practice. 

In the last few years, efforts have been made to eradicate this bad practice, with its negative effects on the areas where it takes place. The continued extraction of chunks of clay is eroding the base of the cliffs, creating a risk of landslides and the loss of endemic vegetation of the area. The clay that is extracted is not replenished so its impact is irreversible.

Most people are clear about this, but the reality is that this summer many swimmers have been seen smearing themselves with mud, despite the posters displaying the prohibition. Even more places are recommended on the internet for mud baths on certain Menorcan beaches. Something needs to be done about this also.

Some ideas to consider would be the renewal of the information posters and making them more visible. Also, the possibility of having people on the most problematic beaches who could explain about the conservation and natural values that make these idyllic places possible, for example, the posidonia, the dunes, and, of course, the special geology, including the cliffs. Visits from Costas inspectors, from the Environmental Agencies, from the local police and from Seprona (the Nature Protection Service of the Guardia Civil) would also be recommendable to the most affected spots.

Beaches, in their natural state are our heritage and have taken great efforts to preserve. Those who visit them must be responsible and ensure that their stay does not leave a negative footprint. If anyone wants to take something away, it can be micro plastics.