Extra time for collecting support for the allegations made against the seismic prospecting: until 3 July

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Documents sent by institutions and companies to the relevant Ministry advised that the application procedure for the project for seismic prospecting had many defects. As a result, there is now extra time available to publicise information on this matter to more people.

This also means that there are more days, until 3 July, to continue collecting support for the allegations. Nearly 26,000 signatures already presented are valid, but we are trying to get many more.

For this reason, we are encouraging people to join in with this initiative. For those who have not signed the forms there is now time to do so. You can help disseminate information at the places where there are forms and pamphlets in support of the allegations against the project.

There are printed forms for signing at the GOB office in Mahon (Cami de Castell, 53). It is open from Mondays to Fridays from 09.00 to 15.00 hours and on Mondays to Thursdays from 17.30 to 20.00 hours. You can also look for a place to sign on the Aliança Mar Blava website. The Menorca diu no (Menorca Says No) platform and other groups will have tables with forms in the streets.

The State is paralysing the use of renewable energies, but the great public response which has been seen against all the attempts for finding petroleum in the surrounding waters indicates that society is very clear that the historic cycle of combustible fossil fuels has to be stopped and it must opt, rather, for much cleaner sources.

Let us remember that, since 2013, the projects of Cairn Energy (in the Gulf of Valencia in 2015), of Schlumberger (in the Gulf of Leon in 2016) and of Spectrum (in the Balearic Sea in 2017) have had to be archived.

Seismic prospecting is an aggressive technology for the marine environment. There are sufficient studies that prove it. MedSalt2 has wanted this last project to be passed off as a scientific initiative, but it is a cover up for other projects that are looking for petroleum and in its documentation it is left clear that it is the petroleum companies that are very interested in having the information.

Help to change the way in which we relate to the sea and to energy.