Formal complaint made about the shooting of a peregrine falcon

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We have made a formal complaint to SEPRONA and the Environmental Police of a peregrine falcon that was wounded by a shotgun. The Peregrine falcon is now in the Centre of Recuperation for Wild Animals. Falcons are a protected species, but this type of activity takes place repeatedly. We hope that this time the perpetrator can be found and that the sanctions defined by the law, among which are prison sentences, can be applied. It is inadmissible that this type of aggression can occur in Menorca.

The falcon was located at the beginning of the Mahon industrial estate, unable to fly. The x-ray confirmed that the bird had been shot by a hunting gun. It had three pellets lodged in it, one of which caused a fracture in the left wing that stopped if from flying. The animal is now having care in the Centre of Recuperation. We wait to see if the fracture will mend sufficiently to be able to set the falcon free. Falcons hunt in flight and require wings in a perfect state so that they can eat.

Taking in falcons that have been shot to the Recuperation Centre is, sadly, not exceptional. The last cases were in 2020. Given that the places of the activities vary, the chances of an injured animal being located and taken to GOB are low and we fear that this unjustifiable practice is too frequent in Menorca.

GOB has made a formal complaint and has asked for the maximum effort to have this practice cleared up totally. We would also ask if anyone has any information they should report it. It is incredible that an island that sells itself as an example of respect for nature can produce such contrary activities and we must not allow that a minority of people can throw this image away and over so many years.

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