27 September 2019: Menorca with the wold strike for climate

Friday 27 September, strike and protest march for the climate

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This Friday 27th there is a call all round the world to have marches for the climate. In Menorca two actions are proposed. One is a strike at midday for workers and then a march at 19.00 hours. Details below.

To support the world call for the climate it is proposed that each person leaves their work for a minimum of 15 minutes at midday on Friday. It would help to read the manifesto agreed in Menorca and share a photograph of the strike on social networks. More than 60 entities have given their support for the manifesto.

At 19.00 everyone who wants to show solidarity with the claims can meet at the Explanada of Mahon from where the march will pass by Ses Moreres, the Plaza Bastió, S’Arraval, the Frares street and finish in the Sant Francesc Square. Here the manifesto will be read, with the consequences, and then the singing of Bella Ciao with words adapted for the climate change.

In order to facilitate participation in the march, the Department of Transport of the Consell Insular will enforce the bus line on the perimeter road of Ciutadella and will leave at 17.30. It will go through Ferreries, Es Mercadal and Alaior. The people who wish to use this special service will have to buy a ticket at the town hall. The price will be 1 euro. The return buses will leave the bus station in Mahon at 22.15. Although it will be possible to buy tickets directly on this return bus there is no guarantee that there will be enough seats for people who have not bought their tickets previously.

Likewise, for those people who cannot take the bus, it is suggested to share cars for the maximum passengers. With this in mind, there will be meeting points for cars from Ciutadella (Plaça de la Pau at 17.30), Ferreries (Plaça Sant Francesc d’Albranca at 17.45), Es Mercadal (Es Molí car park at 18.00), Alaior (the Sports Centre car park at 18.15) and Sant Lluís (Sports Centre at 18.15).

It is possible to help this call for the climate by sharing the logo that accompanies this notice, as much as possible, on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc. Many people are using it as their profile picture over this time. It can also be printed out and put in visible places.

Please share this information with friends and family. Do not fail the climate on Friday!