Greetings from the President of GOB Menorca, Christmas 2020

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

After a year like the one we have lived, I cannot start this greeting in any other way.  As we well know, this year of 2020 has been very difficult especially owing to the unexpected situation caused by Covid, which changed all the plans for our society provoking a never before imagined climate of uncertainty.

Confronting this new situation, GOB exerted a huge effort in response to make sure it affected us as little as possible. Digital technology during the quarantine period and different adaptations made to the changing regulations meant that our activity was not stopped for even a moment. Not only has our activity not stopped but, in most cases, it has increased. We have significantly enlarged the number of members (with one new member every five days) we have considerably increased the number of volunteers, we have increased the support and the recognition of the society in general and we have adapted to budget difficulties. I think that, without doubt, despite the difficult circumstances, we can be happy with and proud of the work we have done.

None of this would have been possible without the support of everyone that forms a part of our organisation: volunteers, members, members of the board, campaign workers, different entities, media, etc. This year, the professionals who work for GOB deserve a special mention as despite the circumstances in which we live, never once have they spared time and effort to get on with our project. With good reason, it is this attitude that has made it possible to end this year so satisfactorily.

Finally, once more, MANY THANKS, and I hope you have a happy Christmas and a New Year filled with joy in a more just and healthy society.