Carlos Coll Pons, new President of GOB Menorca

Letter to GOB members, volunteers and partners

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Dear friends of GOB,

As the recently appointed President of GOB Menorca, I would like to thank you for the support you give to our organization.

Without doubt GOB could not exist without the support of so many people: members, volunteers and collaborators together with a team of dedicated professionals.

I sincerely believe that the past 40 years of constant struggle to protect our island have all been worthwhile, as now our island is admired by our visitors for its state of conservation and for not committing all of the errors made in other places.

Thanks to constant work over many years we can be assured that a significant part of our island community recognizes a job well done – some openly and others more discreetly.

Most importantly we have achieved that a huge amount of people now see and understand how vital and important GOB’s work is to this island. It is equally important now that we do not relax but instead continue to work in order to assure that Menorca continues to advance combining progress with respect for the environment and sustainability. This is the way forward for our present community and for future generations.

As GOB´s new President I pledge commitment and encourage you to continue, if possible, increasing your support and at the same time encouraging your family and friends to join us.

This way, between us all, it will be easier to achieve our objectives.

Menorca deserves everyone’s support.

Thank you

Carlos Coll Pons