Agreement to organise fiestas utilizing reusable or biodegradable products

More fiestas without plastic: a commitment for 2020

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The Association of Neighbours of Es Castell has signed an agreement to organise fiestas utilizing reusable or biodegradable products. GOB is promoting a campaign between public organizations so that, when they organise fiestas, plastics for single use only are not utilized. These materials have very little useful life but require many years to degrade hence they constitute a huge refuse problem.

In order to deal with the epidemic of plastic which we now have in the sea, it has to be confronted mutually to try to get to the origin of the problem and change the consumption of this easily dispensable plastic.

Such is the case with table ware (plates, glasses and cutlery) which is usually used for fiestas and parties. Whenever possible, it is better to have reusable products. And if this is not possible, then biodegradable commodities are an alternative.

As a result of agreements with the Menorca Preservation Fund, the Marilles Foundation, the Sunseeker Company and the Blue Marine Foundation, GOB will provide biodegradable tableware to associations who agree to make a change at their fiestas. The tableware products are from natural cellulose from the green parts of sugar cane, as well as cardboard, wood and the green parts of maize.

The Association of Neighbours of Es Castell has wanted to engage with this initiative and will extend the agreement for not using single use plastics in their fiestas to other people´s celebrations in their own social clubs.

The campaign against expendable waste has been going on during this year and will follow next year so that by 2020 there will be hardly anyone who uses short term plastic commodities causing long term environmental problems.