Proposal for reconsideration of the plans for the main road of Menorca

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Manifesto to ask the new Government of Consell Insular to redirect the interventions of high impact roundabouts in the main road of Minorca and to establish a dialogue process that provide citizen participation and come to a road model more integrated with this island characteristics. You can sign it here.

We, the people whose signatures appear below, ask those charged with forming a new Island Council of Minorca, to reconsider and analyse all the interventions previously made as a result of the highly controversial road works proposed for the main road.

Specifically, we ask for full institutional involvement to find new ways of going ahead with current plans and to replan the section between Mahόn and Alaior taking into consideration first of all the double level roundabouts at Biniai, Rafal Rubi and Argentina, and to analyse the options for access to Alaior. To be able to do this, there ought to be a temporary stay on the works at these points, while maintaining the rest of the works being carried out along the road. We also ask that the projects envisaged for the sections between Ferreries and Ciutadella as well as between Alaior and Ferreries, be revised.

A pressure group was constituted in February 2014. Its aim was to organise various discussion meetings with the last government. These meetings were always fruitless.

It is the will of the signatories to be able to reopen a process of dialogue with the newly elected
representatives of the 24 May elections. As on previous occasions, the objective is to find a model for a road more integrated with the countryside as well as being safer and one that coheres with the declaration of Minorca as a Reserve of the Biosphere.

This group believes in the permanent participation of the public. To this end, we offer to help find solutions, to analyse problems, and reach a consensus on these matters.

Responsible cooperation would allow for greater social cohesion, as well as regaining the image of a well conserved island, now perceived as damaged by the disproportionate designs for some of the interconnections already awarded to the first section of work. Everyone must work together on the project for the main road improvements which would serve to enhance Minorca entirely.

This constitutes our aim.