Round Table Discussion at the Ateneu on Menorca traffic

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This Thursday, 9 February at 19.30 the second round table discussion will take place at the Ateneu of Mahon. It is part of the cycle called Menorca, 700 km2. Land traffic consumes 30% of the primary energy supply on the island and the sum of maritime and air transport another 30%. Also, we have problems with the excessive number of vehicles at certain times and places. The Island transport model needs to be revised and redefined.

The cycle of round table discussions that have been organised by GOB and the Ateneu of Maó, with de collaboration of Menorca Preservation,  seeks to explore the limits of Menorca both for now and in the future, at a time when problems of natural resources and overcrowding are prominent. Experts will give their points of view before giving the opportunity for debate with the attendees.

This Thursday, the participants will be Lucas Casasnovas, head of Urban Mobility in SEAT and CEO of SEAT Mó (Head of SEAT Urban Transport);  Antoni Masferrer, head of the car rental company, Autos Menorca; and Montse Morlà, the Councillor for transport of the Consell Insular de Menorca.

They will give their views from their different perspectives so that we can have more points for consideration on the necessity to transform the current model and on how to make transport in Menorca more efficient.

The two remaining round table debates will be on Thursdays 16 and 23 February, dealing with the need for nautical planning and Menorca’s capacity for receiving visiting boats.