Workshop on how to treat the problems of the kitchen garden

Saturday 29, workshop on how to treat the problems of the kitchen garden

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With the arrival of the summer and its heat and humidity, problems appear in the kitchen garden: fungus, lice… Saturday, 29 June at 10, we are having a workshop at Es Viver of GOB where the problems will be explained as well as how to recognise and treat them with respect to the environment. The workshop is open to the public, is free and there is no need to make a reservation.

And take advantage for completing your kitchen garden with ecological aromatic and herbal plants: thyme, savory, basil, herbassana (a local variety of mint), oregano, marjoram, stevia, tarragon, lemon verbena, parsley, chives, Menorcan camomile…

Es Viver opens on Fridays and Saturdays from 10.00 until 13.30. During the summer, it also opens on Mondays to Thursdays for the same times. We are in Mahon on the airport road (see map below).

Es Viver near Mahon
Es Viver near Mahon