Son Catlar stone wall

Sunday 13 January, excursion to Son Catlar

Visits: 118

The excursion organised for Sunday 13 January will be to the Son Catlar ancient site and will be one of the activities to mark the Sant Antoni festivities. Its itinerary will take us through areas of great natural beauty. Please note the time of departure, a half an hour earlier than usual for these excursions.

Son Catlar is a talayotic settlement with an impressive, well preserved, gigantic wall surrounding it which is about 900 metres in perimeter. With three talayots and an enclosure with taula (table), the site has recently been acquired by the Island Government Council. The visit will be guided by archaeologists.

Interested people should collect at 9 am at the Cala en Turqueta parking area. The excursion will leave at 9.30 am. It is not necessary to make a reservation. It is expected to finish at 13.30. There will be a bus without charge to go back to the Turqueta parking area. Walking will be easy and part of it will be along the Cami de Cavalls.

It is suggested that vehicles are shared with friends.