Volunteers at the Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals

Thanks to volunteers

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Thanks to volunteers, GOB Menorca goes forward day by day in achieving the aims for which the group exists: defending environmental principles and searching for an equilibrium between human activities and the conservation of nature.

Thanks to the volunteers, this group enjoys the humane support that so helps in expanding its arguments.

Thanks to the volunteers, GOB’s day to day work is much easier to perform.

It is difficult to quantify how many people dedicate their time and energy, so altruistically, to GOB Menorca. The International Day of Volunteers was on 12 December when GOB particularly wanted to give special thanks to some:

The Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals is the volunteers’ child, because since its start they have been very much involved with it, and now it would be impossible to deal with the thousands of animals that come annually without their generous help. Many hours are spent by all the volunteers for the care of these animals, in their collection, in important handiwork maintaining the facilities and equipment, and in the dissemination of their work through educational activities.

Other volunteers work at Es Viver, the project which has made many people aware that there is another way of gardening, where the minimum use of water and without using contaminating chemicals, are a guarantee to making this a sustainable practice. The volunteers of Es Viver love the plants, look after them, and maintain the facilities… and help in whatever is required.

Then there are the volunteers for farms signed up for the Land Stewardship Scheme where for the best part of a Sunday morning they roll up their sleeves and “work” physically. Thus, they have restored water cisterns, paths, water wheels,… all of which is accompanied by a good farm break in the middle of the morning, where they can exchange experiences and chat about the work well done.

We must not forget all those volunteers who help us day by day with publicising the principles of the organisation, a key place being the shop in the Claustre market of Mahon. There they sell the things specially made for GOB, such as books, as well as products from the Land Stewardship Scheme farms, and other materials related to the environment. These volunteers publicise the work of GOB at a crucial centre of the town.

There are many more volunteers: those who help with excursions, those who translate texts, those who participate in the different areas of the organisation’s work, those who represent us through different media, those who help so that the volunteers can function, those who are always there for whatever might be needed…in all, lots and lots of people, adults and the young, whom we would like to thank for their unconditional support.

Volunteering with GOB Menorca is a symbol of identity defining a model of the socially active and participative society which we all want. If you would like to be part of our volunteer group, contact us on 971 35 07 62 or at voluntariat@gobmenorca.com

Thank you volunteers!