Workshop on the care of vines at Es Viver

Tomorrow, workshop on the care of vines at Es Viver

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Xavier Solano, an expert viticulturist and wine producer, will give a practical workshop on the secrets of ecological cultivation of stocks grown in home gardens. It will take place this Saturday15 December at 10 am in the Es Viver nursery garden of GOB. It is a public workshop and admission is free, and starts the season for pruning and planting fruit trees that can also be found at Es Viver.

Many people have some vines in their kitchen gardens or flower gardens and often ask our advice on pruning them, how to prevent diseases and how to apply the best ecological treatment for the most successful harvest. Es Viver has invited Xavier Solano, of the Bodega Solano of Sant Climent, to give answers to these questions, interacting with those who attend the workshop this Saturday.

Already, now is the time to starting pruning and planting fruit trees. At Es Viver you will find many local Menorcan ecological varieties produced by Arbres d’Algendar de Caritas: apples, plums, loquats (nisperos)…

GOB´s garden centre Es Viver is open to the public on Friday and Saturday mornings from 10 until 13.30. It is in Mahon on the airport road, in front of the old Mestral warehouse. We look forward to seeing you.