Video on volunteers of GOB Menorca

Volunteering gives life to GOB (Video)

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Volunteering is an essential activity for GOB. Many people dedicate part of their time and efforts altruistically to give help to the society. The activity of GOB in Menorca would be unthinkable without their support.

Elise Brouwer, a Dutch volunteer with GOB who took part in different areas from the Recuperation Centre, the Es Viver garden centre to the Land Stewardship Scheme, amongst others, has made an explanatory video of what it means to be a volunteer with our organisation.

The volunteers not only help directly to make the most of the projects which the society undertakes including the Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals, the market garden for autochthonous plants, the Land Stewardship Scheme, the GOB shop, the English website, etc. but are also important spokespersons for disseminating GOB’s message of responsible ecology management.

People of all origins and interests come together to help as volunteers with GOB. The video captures very well what motivates people to become volunteers and also shows us the human side of its work.